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hare pottery the bath   HARE THE DOMINATRIX

The hare rides the ape like the dominating female widely popularised in the exemplum or moral story of Phyllis and Aristotle, where Phyllis, the concubine of Alexander the Great, visited his tutor, Aristotle, in his rooms and by exercising her wiles, got him to let her ride him around on all fours; she is often shown brandishing a whip and holding the reins. Moral: thus can a woman bring a wise man to his knees.

Above, the lessons for Nocturns on Feria 3 of the first week in Lent deal with Sarah’s infertility and Abraham’s begetting of Ishmael on Hagar. In Lesson 2, Sarah is haranguing Abraham about this, and that may be a point of reference for the marginal scene.

(B.L. Yates Thompson MS 8, Winter Breviary of Renaud de Bar, fol. 198)

Trivet 20 cm sq
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