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This dramatic scene does not apparently appear elsewhere in medieval art although it is used again in the pontificial. Captured and stripped to his linen drawers, the tailor bears the offending hood in his bound, supplicating hands. His hair is disheveled, perhaps shorn, not his usual immaculately coifed locks. This is what happens to killers of hares would seem to be the message.

But there is an oblique reference to the text of the Pontifical above on this folio where the Bishop is placing the reliques of saints in the altar of the church being dedicated, closing it and annointing it, with the words, “Corpora sanctorum in pace sepulta sunt et vivunt nomina eorum in eternum.” The scene in the margin seems to offer a profane analogy from the hare’s point of view.

(PI as Cambridge Fitwilliam MS 298 Pontifical of Renaud de Bar, I, fol. 48).

Canvas 25 x 20 cm
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